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Found B&A Facial Contouring 안면윤곽 procedure

Vline has two options: bone cutting or Botox and filler. Botox is temporary. It paralyzes your jaw muscle to make it skinnier and they can also do fuller for your chin to make it longer or more v-line.

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Please feel free to post any deal or promotion you find on the web

Reon Small Face Injection 290,000 Won Reon Plastic Surgery 리온성형외과

Zygoma, Cheek, Chin Line (Target hidden fat with reduction and decrease methods) Loose Chin/Double Chin (Decreasing fat in the area)
-Chin V-Line (Lifting the chin area giving some elasticity)
-Under Ear & Neck Line (Loose skin decreasing while giving elasticity)

-290,000 Korean Won
-Ends 1/31/2019
-Reon Plastic Surgery Hospital 리온성형외과
-Gangnam District / Gangnam Station
For more information about Reon Plastic Surgery Hospital click

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Short introduction to the new Korean Surgery app in town! Gangnansister, Gangnam Unnie, 강남언니

After browsing around I've come across a website/mobile app called gangnamsister.com (in Korean it would mean Gangnam Unne "강남언니") Similar to Babitalk in a way except they don't offer a kind of community to discuss each others procedures but the amount of deals and discounts you find on the app seems to be far superior. There seemed to be a lot more clinics to search from as well as more organized categories to find which specific deal you would like to have.

"Picture above is the home screen of Gangnamsister/Gangnam Unnie"

"Image above is the home screen but scrolled down"

Back to the main menu on the top of the page will show all the sub-menus to redirect you to any specific deal you are looking for"

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While you're in Seoul or other parts of South Korea you might as well enjoy the rich culture and food! Please share you experience and knowledge as well as reviews!

Plans to go to Korea in June! Need advice in....practically everything!

There is a Lalava which used to be a Watsons that you could check out or you can go to E-mart which is always fun for tourists to go to. Olive Young is also a huge beauty drug store as well as Lotte! I can't just tell you to go to one as there are so many options out there. You should just check out all of them and see what they have to offer for you. Have fun!

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About beauty and makeup trends of recent or your preference

Vprove face and body lotion moisturizer from Emart

If anyone needs to pick up a moisturizer during their stay in Korea I really recommend this vprove moisturizer from Emart! I don't normally apply that much but I make sure to do it after showers because I do feel like my skin drys out a bit but when I put this one my skin feels like and moist the entire night and even till the morning! I don't like the feeling of the super slippery lotion feeling but this one is really really light and just barely noticeable when you apply it. I love it and will probably end up taking a few more back to the states with me.

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