Answering Your Questions About Liposuction and Fat Removal by Venus Clinic


    Q: Is it safe?
    A: Depends on the method they use for doing the liposuction. On occasion of using General Anesthesia or Intravenous Anesthesia there was a data compiled showing from 1994-1998 out of 475,000 people who had liposuction related procedures 95 of them had died.
    Another study showed that people that received Tumescent Liposuction procedural method from 1994-2000, 65,000 people total received this procedure and reported 0 deaths.
    Venus Clinic uses the Tumescent method and received wide recognition for their results and with Tumescent there are never any serious complications linked to this method.

    Q: Isn't it painful?
    A: Post Tumescent injection you may feel some pain.
    During the injection there may be a slight pain however depending on how skilled the Surgeon is the pain may be much less. If injected in a variety of well selected areas you will not feel anything during the fat removal. Towards the end where most of fat is removed from the area is where you may feel a slight bit of discomfort.
    In general most patients will receive conscious sedation to alleviate any issues of feeling any discomfort during the procedure.
    Because of the anesthesia, any pain will not be felt up to 12 hours prior to the procedure and also any pain can easily be alleviated with Tylenol prescribed to the patient.

    Q: When can I get back to my normal routine?
    A: It varies depending on the amount of fat removed and the scope of surgery but at Venus Clinic, even if the patient receives a larger end of fat removal on average 24-72 hours post-operation, they were able to go back to their normal lives. If the patient had a smaller portion removed then its quite possible that they patient maybe be able to return to their daily routine the next day. However any sort of exercise is discouraged within 3-4 days after their procedure because the increased chance of developing seroma.

    Q; I heard that when you receive lipo that your skin maybe become/appear bumpy?
    A: 5-7 days prior to fat removal your skin will become hard. After lipo is completely normal and part of the recovery process. The area that has become hardened and the area thats less hard will become more apparent giving it a bumpy appearance. It will take up to 4 weeks for the hardened area of skin to relax and become soft again leaving the area that look bumpy before to look like how it was before.

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  • Q: How much weight do I lose after an Lipo procedure?
    A: Lipo is not for weight loss it is for sculpting your body shape. Rather than the weight, the actual appearance is what drastically changes the most. One month post fat removal, taking into fact how much fat was removed, there will be around a 70 percent weight loss but immediately following a lipo procedure there is swelling and there actually may be temporary weight gain. Whats most important during that time is because cautious of your diet and how much weight you gain post swelling.
    Removing about 3000 ml will only result in a 2kg loss of weight so for optimal results its better to follow with a diet.

    Q: After surgery will I regain weight again?
    A; Fat cells only develop during adolescence and will not affect the average adult. You will not have to worry about developing new fat cells and the older fat cells existing were removed. It is possible to regain weight in other areas so following a proper diet would be recommended post procedure.

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