How much fat can be removed in 1 day through Lipo or any other new method?

  • I am looking for a plastic surgery hospital for liposuction so I would like some advice in where to go and was wondering how much I can get removed at one time? I consider myself to be on the heavy side.....70kg 163cm and was thinking I could really remove around 10kg of fat. It would help my self-esteem greatly.

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    Hi! I read that more than 5000 CC's of "supranatant fat" is not recommended limit when doing the fat removal procedure. Any more than that and there is a elevated risk of complications.
    If any more fat was to be removed than you would have to do it in 3-4 week intervals. There is only so much a human body can handle from surgery and needs recovery time in between. It is not recommended to do any other procedure with fat removal/lip procedure also because use the of local and general anesthesia, making it very dangerous for the patient.

    Another reason that you shouldn't remove more than 5000 cc's is that your body can not handle over a certain amount of Tumescent injection (injection to melt the fat). The conservative estimate of maximal safe dose is 35mg per each kg, Americans allow up to 55mg per each kg.


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