1 in 10 Foreigners will get a procedure when they visit South Korea news article

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    This past year (2017) there was a statistical data made that stated foreigners that came to receive medical treatment spent approximately 270 Million US Dollars. Meaning that this made a whopping 30 percent of South Korea's medical market. These numbers blew me away but it seems like its from a credible source (Yeonhap News). The total amount of foreigners stated were approximately 425,380 people.
    Amoungst the 425,380 people:
    20% were from physician treatment
    11.3% were from plastic surgery
    11.1% Dermatology visits
    9.3% Examination check-ups (xray,catscan, bloodwork, ect)
    5.7% Orthopedist
    5.4% Gynecology
    3.2% General Surgery

    I was expecting Plastic Surgery to be far higher than the rest but I guess South Korea is pretty well known for all aspects of Medical Industry.

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