Looking for a reliable dermal filler brand for my under eye area!

  • I've researched a lot of information about Juverderm and Restylane but not a lot of information comes up regarding under eye and tear trough area. I saw a few but they all seem to tell consumers to be weary of injecting dermal fillers in that specific area because of unevenness under the skin or blue-ish hue can result. Is there a specific brand that was made for injecting in under the eye or tear trough? Or are these fillers the kind that can be injected anywhere on the face and depends on the Doctor's skills to get a good result.

  • Juvederm Volbella is a shaping filler if you needed one for that. Its quite a sensitive area that can marry many negative side-effects if done improperly. I'm not exactly sure what to use there but I would probably look at multiple surgeons advices before going for the injection.

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    I second the Restylane for more sensitive areas of the face.
    I'm also recommending Restylane because if you decide the results were not satisfactory you will at least know that it won't last as long as Juverderm (not considering if there is any permanent side effects, God forbid).

  • Try looking into Restylane as its considering a bit more sensitive and causes less puffiness. I know Juverderm is much better for larger areas of your face as its a thicker and more resilient substance.

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