So this article is getting pretty popular but a person was browsing the web to find reviews and people that had reviews from receiving a specific procedure. She decided to write a post herself to see what comments she would get. Around 30 people responses in she gets a response recommending a clinic with high praise. Later she see's that the poster had another review about a cram school review for middle school children saying that her child went there and they were amazing. She went on to see that this person was going on many posts and basically doing the same thing. She brought this incident to an investigator to see if there was anything fishy going on there. The investigator decided to make over 7000 accounts and sell it to a advertisement company for 5,000 won. The company then went about and used 5000 of the 7000 accounts immediately to start posting on various posts with fake reviews. After further investigation they were able to bring 45 people in for prosecution.