Banobagi Plastic Surgery.(바노바기 성형외과) Dual Breast Surgery December 2017 Promotion

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    2017년 10월 19일 ~ 2017년 12월 31일
    Starts October 19, 2017 - Ends December 31, 2017
    3,500,000 KRW for Dual Breast Surgery (듀얼가슴성형)

    They are advertising that

    1. They will grant breasts that are natural but with the look of more volume
    2. Super natural results
    3. Minimal to no scar guranteed with their "Healing Scar Project"
      - V Beam, Laser Toning and Laser Treatment
      - Any obvious scaring treated with shot treaments
      - Any type of scar will be treated with various other methods

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