Does anyone know if Taylor R uses fillers or fat grafts?

  • I was looking at a bunch of pictures of her face and its quite apparent that she gets some sort of enhancement to volumize her face (a lot of). I really really do not want results that drastic but I do like the cute baby face sort of look it can give you if done correctly. She obviously went overboard but I was hoping for something like hers minus 80 percent of the volume she has. I think with the right amount I can at least look a bit younger and achieve some sort of baby face look.
    To the left I think is adequate enough. I like the volume in her forehead, cheeks, and chin. I heard fat graft is a popular choice if you want more long term results but on the other hand it maybe semi-permanent which scares me..
    Fillers may be the better option but I also don't know if I can afford constantly refilling every 4-5 months. I heard half year is the average amount of time it lasts but I have relatively thin skin and not a lot of fat in my face in the first place.

  • I watch her youtube videos now and then. I only know that shes making a butt load of money doing god knows what and her boyfriend of sorts is like the owner of a gigantic company.

  • I like her eyes! I'm pretty sure its a bit enhanced with PS and makeup but nonetheless the shape is beautiful

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    No idea who she is but I don't want to comment in fear that I will really get on the bad side of a fan here :x

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