About a year ago I went to Bangkok to get my eyes done because a close friend of mine got hers done in Bangkok and the results look phenomenal. I really wanted to get it done in Korea at first but I was planning a trip to Thailand for the summer so I thought I might as well do it while im there. Big mistake. The surgeon from Barumgrad Hospital really fcked me up. "One" eye turned out pretty well but the other eye completely look a different shape than the other eye. My right eye to be exact. The doctor told me it could be swelling and I extended my trip just to see how it will result. Of course the swelling had a tiny part to do with it but even with the swelling down it was really really obvious that he made a mistake. He offered to do a revision at no cost and I declined immediately because I could not trust him to touch any part of my body again. I asked for a full refund and I got out. Its been almost a year now and i've been searching everywhere to see where I can find a reputable revision plastic surgeon. After thorough research I'm almost convinced that Semi Plastic Surgery would be the best place since they have been established for about a decade but before I pull the trigger I need to know if anyone here has any experience with this clinic. My trip is going to be in May of 2018 so I still have some time to consider my options.