Looking for apps similar to Babitalk but more..english friendly?

  • I am looking around for a english friendly app version of Babitalk. I dunno why they don't offer english translation services on the app because clinics make more money off foreign clients. Anywho does anyone have any suggestions? I like the layout of Babitalk but I don't know where to click or what to look for when i'm using the app. I would really like to see the before and after pictures and the information of the clinics they went to.

  • me too !! just cant read korean lol

  • Its pretty good to find deals but as far as I can see there isn't any community or discussion forum to see post-op reviews or any reviews in that matter.

  • administrators

    I second gangnamunnie if you are looking for just deals. Please be weary of making any sort of decision just because the clinic has a good deal. There needs to be lots of research in any clinic before making a final decision. I suggest you have clinics you are interested in mind and then browsing to see if those clinics have any deals.

  • Have you tried Gangnam Unnie? Its pretty similar except there should be a bit more english on it or at least an option to translate.

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