You can officially use Bitcoin to pay for your Plastic Surgery procedures in South Korea now

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    [] and a few other plastic surgery clinics have now opened the option to transact with bitcoin. There seems to be a huge issue in S.Korea about bitcoin with the government not knowing how to regulate the transactions. I'm sure regulate means to tax or get their grubby hands on whatever currency they can. Bitcoin is largely known as the currency that is unregulated and can be used anonymously but S.Korean government is not having it and wanting it to be either banned or be used with the persons name when authorizing transactions. I will keep looking out for further news but this one really intrigued me when I came across the articles.

  • There is a sh*t load of hype about this bitcoin crypto currency thing. I'm starting to think that there will be no need for actual currency in the near future if it goes at this rate. I should have listened to my brother years ago when he was talking about investing in bitcoin because he's made a pretty penny now with his bitcoin wallet.

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