I get questions and screen shots about Babitalk almost daily about translating something they saw on Babitalk or how to get get a certain feature (mostly the B&A reviews) and the information the Koreans posted about pricing and what procedures they received. Instead of constantly replying to messages I thought it was about time to make a guide or tutorial to use the app without the need of a Korean native.

First you want to download the app from the Babitalk webpage here. It will give you option to download from the Itunes App Store or Android/Google play store.

Once you download the app its time to open the app (or it may automatically open once the download is complete).
Upon opening Babitalk you will come across a page looking like this image.
It will prompt a screen saying if you would like to check out this bargain from a clinic, most likely randomly chosen to show the user. The left is to exit the screen and right will let you see the deal in detail.

After exiting the popup deal you will come across the home screen shown below (pictures will vary but the categories will remain the same as of now)
The first category to show once entering the homepage of Babitalk would be the Popular Before & After review section.
This will be an important section to go through if you are interested in seeing some of the more popular and talked about in the Babitalk community.
The following section is "Popular Events". Basically its just a catagory with the most popular events/deals available on Babitak.
Notice the arrow pointing to a tab on the bottom "footer" menu. This is the most important feature of Babitalk. Its called "Before & After review" Basically the most sought after category for any foreigner because finding legitimate before & after reviews are so hard to find for non-natives and even S.Koreans.

"This image above is just the homepage scrolled down following after "Popular Events". This one is called "New Events". "

Lets move on the the juicy bit of this app and click on the "Before & After Review" menu on the bottom/footer menu where the down arrow was shown on the picture.

Upon clicking, Babitalk will bring you to this page where the upper left hand corner will display "Plastic Surgery Before & After". Right below it you will see a horizontal listing of random Korean words. These words are actually very important because it narrows down the B&A reviews by type of surgery!.

The default subcategory thats shown on here will be the "Popular" B&A reviews" with no particular filter to divide what areas of surgery.

"Tabs from left to right will be as follows..."
"인기 - Popular"
"신규 - New"
"눈 - Eye"
"코 - Nose"
"안면유곽 - Facial Contouring"
"가슴 - Breast"
"지방이식 - Fat graft"
"지방흡입 - Liposuction"



We will take the first post from the "인기 - Popular" post as an example. If you scroll down a tiny bit you will see a few areas you can click on. The first is the "Like The Post" icon and next to it is the "Write A Response" icon and following that is the "Receive Information" icon.
The most important way to receive the information is to click on the "Receive Information" icon.


Clicking the "Receive Information" icon will prompt this subwindow or popup show "The information you requested is ready for you to see. Do you want to see it now?"
Clicking left will be to cancel and right will be to accept.

Finally after clicking you will brought to the screen will all the information the patient provided.
The image post right above the information provided is the link to the hospital she had her procedures from and it will direct you directly to the hospitals page.

Below in the purple box will be the name of the clinic "이루미 ilumi P.S" and following beneath that is the doctors name. "허우진 Heo Woo Jin"

The information in the white is all the information that the reviewer/patient provided.


Hope you find this useful and please leave any comments if I'm leaving anything out or need more detailed information about or maybe if you need me to show other features of Babitalk.