Lots of news about Dr Jung Jong Pil "정종필" being rumored to do a lot of Korean celebrity's procedures?

  • My close friend and I were discussing about what procedures we honestly think each other needed "lol" and of course we probably ended up being a little bit nicer than we intended haha. She talked about how surgeons were more important to choose rather than the clinic itself, which makes lots of sense to me but how in the world am I going to find any information about that? I did a little digging with my friend and decided to use google translate to look up "celebrity surgeon" and to our surprise we found tons of images on Dr. Jung Jong Pil from Cinderella Plastic Surgery. He seemed to have taken tons of pics with 2pm and other famous actress that I have probably seen on running man somewhere but no idea what they do for sure. Is there anyone here that can do some extra detective work for us? Any tips or links would be greatly appreciated. S.Korean actress have been getting prettier and prettier lately that I find a bit more faith that surgeons like Dr. Jung would put me more at ease.

  • http://woman.donga.com/3/all/12/144270/1

    Found this link to an article! Maybe this might lead the way to something juicy eh?

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