I found a way around washing your face after having double eyelid surgery

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    I'm looking for a specific brand but I can't seem to find much information about this eye patch. It blocks all water within the region the patch is applied allowing you to wash your face and remove makeup. I have pretty terrible skin so I do not want to go around Seoul without some sort of foundation and eyebrows at least but the fact they advise you to not wash your face for a few days post-surgery was bothering me until I came across this post.

  • ayyye I've used this lol

  • Are there Korean products for these or only available with Japanese products?

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    Eye Seal Patch!
    You can thank me later lol
    I wouldn't know where to find them in Korea but I'm sure skinfood or some sort of beauty supply store will carry them. Make sure to ask the clinics also.

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