Dr. Jin Shina Station exit 5 heavy complaints about procedural errors..

  • "진짜 당신 블로그만보면
    성질나 디지기 일보직전
    뭐? 하루한명만 수술하기?
    대부분 본인이 한 수술에 만족한다고?
    수술전상담도 10분내외로끝나고
    어떻게수술할것인지 진행과정도얘기해주지않고
    연골이란 연골 양쪽귀연골부터 비중격까지
    싹다 빼놓고 연골비침이랑 흉살제거해달라니까
    흉살제거도안해주고 코끝 귀연골만빼놔서
    코를 아주 사자코마냥 1자로만들어놓고
    아주갈때마다 절망이고 말도틀려지고
    내갸 귀연골빼려고 코끝수술 500만원넘게 준줄아나?진짜 50만원도안하는수술을 10배로받아먹고 본인이한수술기억도 못하고
    코끝아무것도없다는데 딱딱하게만져지는느낌때문에 내가 갈때마다 물어봤지 물어볼때마다 아무것도없다 내비익연골이다 그렇게 갈때마다 당신이
    후비경으로 들여다보고 만져보고 개방된사진도
    보면서 1년 4개월동안 아니라고 박박우긴거
    끝끝내 내가 코끝에 귀연골있다는거 밝혀냈지.
    그때서야 코끝연골하나있다고.
    의사가 코끝에 연골이있는지도 없는지도
    그렇게수도없이 만져도 모르다니 아님 나를 환자로
    코끝모양부터시작해 엉망진창
    거기다 이제 어딜가나 늑써야될만큼
    이대로사는게 나쁘지않다고?
    그럼첨부터 이대로사는게나쁘지않다고 돌려보내지 수술비 다 받으니까 그런소리를해?
    대학병원 있었을때 수술받은거니까 거기가서 따지라고 하고
    도와준다해놓고 모든이메일수신거부시키고
    전화연결도안되고 도대체어떤수술을한건지 물어도대답도없고 나는 분명 어려운케이스의 코도아니고 염증한번일으킨적없던코인데 사전에 말도없이 자가연골 싹다 제거해버리고
    일부러 늑쓰려고 제거를한건지!!
    참나 도와주겠다는사람이 댓글삭제부터
    이메일수신거부해놓는게 도와주겠다는 의사의
    태도인건지 나를안타깝게생각한다고?
    당신이 나를 이렇게 안타깝게만든거야!
    블로그에 변명거리 주저리주저리 쓸시간에
    당신이 수술한 사람들을 돌보길바래!!
    지금 당신이 수술한사람들 울면서 이병원 저병원다니면서 재수술알아보고다녀!!"

    To summarize the entire thing the clinic's blog advertises 1 procedure a day with relatively high satisfaction rates amongst patients who dealt with them..She had a nose procedure which cost about 10 times more than the average going rate. The doctor did not explain how he was going to do the procedure an had no idea that he was going to use her ear cartilage. She said the result was that her nose looked really lion like and she wanted a scar removal which was completely neglected as well. When she went back the Surgeon could not even remember what procedure he did on her and had no idea that there was ear cartilage in her nose until SHE told the Surgeon, who in fact did the procedure with her ear cartilage". She did the procedure when he was with a University hospital but now that he moved on to his practice he told her that he should knit-pick at the University Hospital and not her. He said he would help her before but neglected to read and emails that were sent to him and his clinic. The surgeon apparently rebutted this situation on his blog because she was posting on various outlets about her situation. At the end she leaves a message "I am going around to other clinics, in tears, while trying to fix this helpless situation".

    There was a lot of speculation in the comments to where the clinic was. Apparently you can not openly call out clinics on their errors because of really hard slander laws. She even has claims to a lot of evidence but that would still get her in trouble so she can not even mention what clinic name except a vague location of the clinic. The commenters were able to figure it out knowing that it was a doctor from a University hospital that opened his own clinic for Rhinoplasties under his very name.
    My thoughts....is wow. I keep losing faith in humanity when I see horror stories like these.

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    Good find! Thank you for warning us about this. I feel so sorry for her :confounded:

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