Before Plastic Surgery Dr. Kim Dong Ha 김동하 explains whats the difference between procedures for Celebrities and for normal people.

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    Firstly I would like to thank user "Yeowooya" for inspiring this post.
    Dr. Kim Dong Ha is pretty rumored to have many connections with celebrities but due to what I believe are contracts of confidentiality and ethics he will not take claim to any procedures that were done on Korean celebrities. I looked further to find that he had 20 years of experience in facial contouring and had a little Q&A session on this practice's blog (Before Plastic Surgery.

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    He explains that there really isn't a huge difference or any difference in fact. He goes on to say that just because some celebrities eat at a restaurant it isn't considered a celebrity restaurant. The only difference Dr. Kim presented was the fact that Celebrities need to have a conscious awareness of photo angles and camera angles so they needed areas fixed that would give them a great photogenic angle from any side the shot is taken.

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