Recovering from 2nd nose thinkings (sry for poor english)

  • I had first surgery doing eye and nose at the same time.

    The result for nose was very poor and the shape is crooked but

    eyes is not bad but I only do inside corner and outside.

    After 1 year I decide to do re-surgery for nose and now I am

    recovering 9 day now.

    I do not recommend do more than 1 surgery per day. Why?

    Nose is very important and need to be very focus and need lots of

    thinking before surgery. Surgeon will also hurry with surgery

    because they do not want to be in surgery room long time.

    I hope this help you and I will update future on my nose and if I like

    or no.

    1년전 수술했는데, 눈이랑 코를 같이 했어요. 지금 코 두번 재수술해서 회복중입니다. 개인적으로 첫수술에서 두가지를 한번에 하는 것은 추천하고 싶지 않네요.. 눈만 수술해도 많이 변하니까요..정말 코를 한건 후회 많이 됩니다. 콧구멍 변형 오고 코 짧아져서 스트레스가 이만저만이 아니었거든요.

  • I concur @왕코코님
    Having multiple surgeries is the common mistake many patients take when going through surgery. The mind set is that they can take less time doing surgery and recover quickly but in reality it can complicate situations, especially when things go awry. I also recommend visiting hospitals that are well known for certain procedures and surgeries.

  • 왕 공감해요
    코는 신중하게 생각 해야되요
    수술 날 코랑 다른 수술한거치고
    잘 돼 다고 한 사람 들어본적 없어요

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