Teardrop implants have an unnatural feeling to other implants?

  • I heard that teardrop implants had an awkward feeling and felt really unnatural compared to other implants. Is this true? I like the shape of the teardrop so much but if it feels strange to the touch then I think I need to reconsider my choices.

  • Just take some time to research what you want such as how many cc's the implant are going to be and what brand.
    My friend has 245cc Teardrop Ko Gel implants. She is satisfied but wishes she thought a bit more before biting the bullet.
    She said the feel is a little to hard for her liking because she expected it to be nice and soft. She does attribute the fact that she didn't massage around the breasts as often as she would have liked which might have attributed to the hard texture.
    She was also 44kg, really thin side, and was only offered to go to the teardrop route because any other route would have made her chest look really unnatural.
    She recommends gaining some weight before considering a breast enhancements.

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    In general the reason people avoid the teardrop route is for that very reason but I think the side effects should not be nearly as bad as a silicon/(whatever they give you option to use) breast implant.

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