I went all around Gangnam District today following complicating instructions to make it to 3 clinics today. I was nervous the entire time and really reconsidering the whole ordeal. I've always had a blocky sort of face and people around me always told me I had great facial features its just the shape that gets in the way. I've seen some people around me get this surgery and their chins seem to look way too sharp for my taste so that really put a lot of doubt in my mind as well.

First place I visited was Faceline Plastic Surgery 페이스라인성형외과. My first impression of the Surgeon was that he had no idea what to do for facial contouring. He was recommending to put fat in my frontal mastoid although I strictly told him I don't want to put anything inside my face.

Next clinic was Brown P.S. 브라운성형외과. The doctor there made me feel like he was confident at what he was doing and explained the procedure really well. He looked young which is a plus for me because I always think that an older doctor will lose a lot of their intricate hand-eye motor connection that a surgeon must have.

Third and lastly was Darps 디에이성형외과. I got so sick of waiting...I went there around 10 minutes before consultation time and ended up waiting an additional hour before finally able to consult with the doctor. The doctor was so rush and hurried he hardly listened to what look or what I was going for. He just picked up his pen and started browsing my face and said "I see". Rushed explanation and left me feeling like I've wasted so much time out of my life.

I got a few more to consult tomorrow and I will keep you posted on how it goes.