Story Plastic Surgery(스토리 성형외과) Double Up Silhouette December Promotion

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    Story P.S. is offering a promotion of V Shaping Fat Removal for
    500,000 KRW
    November 7, 2017 - January 31, 2018

    Q: What is Double-up Silhouette?

    A: Although melting fat is highly effective it does leave a empty area in depleted of collagen and other nutrients leaving your skin sag post shot. This method will go into the area that the fat was melted and using a 980NM laser will fill the area with collagen and give your skin elasticity and maintain the tight texture and appearance.
    They break it down in steps:
    Step 1 - Tumescent Injection
    Step 2 - 1470NM Laser used to melt fat
    Step 3 - Removal of the melted fat
    Step 4- 980NM Laser enters basement layer of skin and begins lifting laser procedure

    Side Cheek (Cheek, Chin Line) | 옆볼 (볼살,턱라인) - 60,000 KRW
    Both Sides of Cheek Removal | 이중턱제거 - 50,000 KRW
    Front Cheeks | 앞광대 - 50,000 KRW
    Entire Face | 얼굴전체 - 100,000 KRW

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